Outsmarting Bacterial Evolution in Phage Therapy

Bacteria are great at evolving resistance to anything that we throw at them. This has caused antibiotic resistance crisis. We discuss smart approaches to use phages, viruses infecting bacteria, as therapeutics.

Evolution against a virus that attacks bacterial flagella

χ-phage can only infect *E. coli* with functional rotating flagella- so cool!! I am studying what happens when bacteria are forced to evolve against this phage. This work is unpublished but linked here is an article featuring a conference presentation.

Molecular Mechanisms of Mechanical Force Sensing by Bacterial Flagellar Motors

The flagellar motor in E. coli can sense mechanical forces. We discovered a mechanism involved in this sensing. See Tweetorial for a quick explanation.

Single-cell Motility and Chemotaxis of Helicobacter pylori

H. pylori is a bacterium implicated in ulcers and cancers of the stomach. We studied their behavior in response to chemical gradients and the biophysical principles involved in their navigation.

Perspective on a chemotaxis conundrum for run-reversing bacteria

Our 2021 article revealed that H. pylori flagellar motors employ a switching strategy similar to E. coli. Due to different placement of flagella, this strategy should not allow H. pylori to chemotax effectively.

Role of Bacterial Flagella in Surface Sensing

Flagella are involved in the earliest stages of surface colonization by bacteria. We review the current understanding and challenges in Section 1 of an invited topical review.

Orthogonal Imaging Chamber

The orthogonal cross‐sectional profiles (side-views) of fluorescent objects can be distorted when reconstructed from confocal image-slices (aka z-stacks). We designed a chamber to mount samples vertically: parallel to the optical axis, perpendicular to the imaging plane.

Cell Nucleus Migration through Stiff Tissue-esque Scaffold

Intuition suggests that the stiff cell nucleus should be rupture-prone when forced to pass through obstacles. Instead, it behaves like an oil drop during migration, passing smoothly.

Directional changes & flagellar motor torque in swarming cells of E. coli

Bacterial cells in urinary tract infections perform collective motion on top of the host-substrate. We studied the motors that provide the thrust during this motion.